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1) You can submit one article for guest blogging per blog site. If you have multiple blogs or would like to guest blog on Success Independence, please review my guidelines for multiple blogs and make sure you are comfortable with them before submitting your article.

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Accepting “Write for us Financial independence, “write for us beauty” and “write for us Sports” “write for us Finance” “write for us News”write for us beautyguest post

5) Please do not submit articles longer than 1,000 words for a guest post. The articles should be targeted to readers who are likely to implement what’s shared in the content. Please use short paragraphs, bulleted lists where appropriate and write in a friendly style that encourages the readers to take action.

6) Please do not submit articles in a Word document (.doc). Please submit the article as an original WordPress post. Word documents are difficult for the admin to read as they often contain formatting and other changes made by the author. The single best way to get your article accepted is to have your own website, where you can upload your original document and link it to with a short description on (i.e., “This is my new article about…”).

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Categories We Accept

Financial independence,







We Have a list of the 100+ niches we accept :

1) Business: any niche related to business , starting a business, writing a book, etc.

2) Health: any niche related to health , weight loss, fitness, nutrition and supplement.

3) Finance: financial independence and retirement planning with articles about investments (stocks, bonds), mutual funds, real estate investment such as flipping houses for profit and investing in real estate for renters (for example Airbnb). Personal finance on top of all kinds of advice about how to save money. How to be debt free by using cash back credit cards with the highest rewards rate or using credit cards for travel rewards .

4) Beauty: any niche related to beauty , including hair, skin care and makeup.

5) Sports: any niche related to sports including fitness, weight loss, training or nutrition.

6) Any other niches you think are appropriate. We welcome articles on almost all topics.

My Blogs Posting Guidelines

I post at least 2-3 blog articles a day on along with topical book reviews and other shorter posts for my readers to check out. I usually write about topics I enjoy writing about and that mean something to me personally (one of the reasons I started writing). I also put in a lot of work when I write my posts, so I want to know ahead of time if one of my posts is likely to be rejected by the other editors.

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